About Datis Office Furniture

Datis Company started making various chairs with complete needs assessment and based on industrial design principles, considering all scientific aspects and by using machinery in line with the latest world technologies in the field of office furniture industry, Moreover, by designing and manufacturing exclusive components and distinctive products in the production of office chairs, has gained a unique place and special honors in this industry. According to the research conducted by the R&D unit and the design unit of the organization and also with the attitude of entering the market with a complete basket of goods, this company has been able to introduce and supply more than 16 product families in addition to providing a variety of products relying on control and promotion Continuous quality of its products, to produce a complete set of office chairs according to the needs of its consumers. At present, more than 70% of all the parts required for the production of office chairs are produced in the Datis factory, which makes it possible to increase the quality of the product, facilitate the shortening of the production time, reduce the production costs, and also cause the lack of dependence on suppliers. Is The establishment of ISO 9001 management systems with the approval of Germany’s TUV company, receiving the standard mark of Iran’s National Standard Institute along with the industrial design registration certificate, as well as the warranty and after-sales services of Datis products, give consumers peace of mind by purchasing a quality and distinctive product. has created Adhering to the management principles and moving within the defined organizational framework along with the implementation of the integrated management system and with the use of competent and capable consultants and with the use of committed employees and experts in order to increase the ability of the Datis Group in terms of production, sales and product services, always as The road map of the collection has been considered with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. Receiving numerous awards from attending international exhibitions during the past years and gaining the position of the best office chair manufacturer is the result of the organization’s efforts and is indebted to your support, dear customers. At present, Datis office furniture products are widely distributed through more than eighty branches across the country. In gratitude and in order to fully satisfy our customers, we are trying to produce and supply a product that will always make the Datis name full of pleasure and comfort for the consumers of this Iranian brand.

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