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Dear user, in order to follow up the purchase, declare a complaint, register an opinion or send your suggestions and criticisms, you can share your opinion with us through the face-to-face form.

The Datis office furniture support team is available to answer your questions and requests during working hours on all days of the week (except Thursdays, Fridays and official holidays).

Central Office

Address: Datis Office Furniture Building , No. 56, East Asman 12th St,  Above Kitab Square, Saadat Abad

Phone: +9821-22062151 (5 special lines) / Fax: +9821-22062327


Address: No. 10, Corner of Niloufar St, West Golestan Blvd, Tose-e Square, Fanavari Square, Parand Industrial Town.

Phone: +9821-56416967, +9821-56416971 / Fax: +9821-56418378

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