Datis After Sales Service

The company’s after-sales service unit is ready to provide services to the consumers of Datis products in line with the principle of maintaining and satisfying its customers. In order to facilitate the provision of after-sales services, all the company’s products are supplied to customers with QR – Quick Response barcodes. The information recorded in this barcode provides you with the possibility of specifying the product’s warranty period as well as the product’s technical specifications. The periodical reports of the after-sales service unit to the quality control department provide the company with the opportunity to review the production process or the supply of raw materials, and to increase the quality and improve the production process according to the actual needs of consumers. . In order to benefit from Datis company’s after-sales services, both during the warranty period of your product and outside the warranty period, you can contact the experts of this unit.

All Datis company products have 3 years product warranty and 1 year seat jack warranty. In order to use the terms of warranty and after-sales service, you can refer to reputable dealers in your city or call 021-56416967. Also, to register a support request, just fill out the form below.

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